About Me

As you have probably guessed, my name is Jamie O’Rourke. I am a 29 year old photographer living in the small city of Hereford in the West Midlands. I have a keen interest in computing, technology and of course…. photography.

I took up an interest in photography many years ago at the hands of my father – also a keen photographer. He started back when film was rife and had set up his own darkroom in the spare room at home. Unfortunately, he also had a keen interest in hillwalking, so we spent many nights sat infront of a projector watching slide after slide of bare hillsides….

Like many others, I started off with a small compact, then worked my way up to a hybrid, or bridge, camera – a Fuji S6500. Before long I found various aspects of the bridge camera limiting and decided to take the plunge and invest in a Sony Alpha 200 Digital SLR camera. It’s true what they say, the body is the cheapest part of the camera. Since then I have spent a fortune on lenses, remotes, tripods, studio lighting and a vast array of other enhancements and attatchments.

During my time taking pictures, I have been fortunate enough to study under the guidance of a number of well known local photographers – including Tom Preston and Laurence Mendes, both of whom teach at the local colleges. After winning a category at the 2009 St Michaels Hospice (Hereford) 25th anniversary photography competition, I developed the competitive bug and went on to recieve a commendation at the World Photography Awards later that year as well as numerous other regional, national and global photographic competitions which has helped me develop my skills through funding and travel.

Such exposure has also led to the publication of my images in national photography magazines as well as features in newspapers and books – including the Photobox Guiness Book of Records “World’s Biggest Photobook“!

Awards, Competitions and Publications

  1. 2010 – “Photofest 20″ Hereford Photography Festival – Fringe Exhibition
  2. 2010 – Institute of Structural Engineers Photography competition (Global) – Judges Commendation.
  3. 2010 – Michael Andrews Photography Competition (Global) – Shortlisted: macro, abstract, sports
  4. 2010 – World Photography Awards 2010 (Global) – High Commendation.
  5. 2010 – Photobox, “Around the World in 80 Days” (Global) – Shortlisted from 30,000. Published in the “World’s biggest photobook”.
  6. 2010 – Masters Direct / Practical Photography Magazine (National) – Second place
  7. 2009 – ERT Magazines “UK Salesman of the Year” for customer service.
  8. 2009 – Sony Twillight Football Event (Global) – One of six in the world chosen to cover the Twillight Football Event in South Africa
  9. 2009 – Sony’s “Hall of Shame” (National) – Best demonstration of low light limitations.
  10. 2009 – Visit the Heart, “Shots of the Heart” Photography Competition 2009 (Regional) – Shortlisted from 769
  11. 2009 – St Michaels Hospice Hereford 25th Anniversary (Regional) – Category Winner
  12. Photoworld Magazine 2010#1 – Full page publication.

When I’m not at work taking photographs, I have a keen interest in Parkour (or Freerunning) and the martial arts. I currently hold a brown sash in Lau Gar kungfu with the British Kungfu Association as well as studying kickboxing with the Profesional Kickboxing Association and the SJN Academy. I am also looking to take up Muay Thai Boxing again sometime in the near future. Being involved in such dynamic sports has provided me with some great material to shoot as well as opened up avenues into television and film – if you look closely, you’ll see me as a zombie in Danny Dyers 2010 film Devils Playground.